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Free download zeekrewards latest update. I want to give you a status update concerning the Receivership, including our plans for future distributions to affiliate claimants holding allowed claims and pursuing additional assets. First, as you know, we have made refunds to the affiliate victims of ZeekRewards of 75% on allowed claims (using the “rising tide” method).

ZeekRewards updateSeptember 29,Zeekrewards Refunds breaking news, Government Hi Friends, Did you lose out on future money that you earned and were to receive from your VIP Points? The Court concluded that the ZeekRewards program was a Ponzi scheme and that as a matter of law, the Receiver was entitled to recover – or clawback – all funds transferred to the Net Winner Class.

Please check back frequently for updates as new information becomes available. J. Kevin Edmundson, Esq. Member of the Texas State Bar. CHARLOTTE, N.C.

– The founder of ZeekRewards has been sentenced to nearly 15 years behind bars for his role in an $ million online Ponzi. Latest update from Robert at qbfv.school592.ru: Update as of September 5, As Zeek Rewards always used to say, “Greetings Fine People”. This has been a busy past few days, so let me address the concerns and anxieties.

Zeek Rewards has been out of operation for the past few months, but there are still many members of the site that are looking forward to the company's return. Started inZeek Rewards, as the advertising arm of the penny auction site Zeekler, was a one of a kind online earning opportunity that promised a guarantee of % ROI.

For lastest updates and info visit qbfv.school592.ru   Burks allegedly pocketed about $11 million from ZeekRewards in alone, prosecutors said. He was a former county music disc jockey and performed as a. In this article, I have recalled my first online business, Zeekrewards, which I came across when I first became interested in making money qbfv.school592.ru project offered easy earnings with hardly any work and the promise of significant rewards.

It turned out to be a perfect scam – a Ponzi scheme. However, by the time it collapsed, the owner of Zeekrewards, Paul Burks, comfortably earned over. ZeekRewards official Darryle Douglas has been ordered to pay $ million, which represents $ million in net winnings and just under $, in interest since August   Kenneth Bell posted his latest update Friday at qbfv.school592.ru The latest checks were mailed Jan.

31, Bell said. In September, he mailed 90, checks valued at a combined $   Zeek Receiver Updates Investors on Recovery Efforts. The receiver appointed to recover assets for victims of the massive $ million ZeekRewards Ponzi scheme hosted an hour-long conference call earlier this evening in which he provided new updates on the eve of the four-month anniversary of his appointment.

In the call, Receiver Kenneth Bell. Latest On Sea Experience. Sea Experience. more on Sea Experience. Four marriage factors a seafarer must consider while choosing a wife. John Emmanuel J. Seafarers job is a type of carrier whereby you may not see your wife or kids for some. 4 Main Seafarers Help desks to contact for help. A three-judge federal appellate court panel denied Thursday the appeal of Paul Burks, founder of Ponzi scheme qbfv.school592.ru, to overturn his conviction from July   Kenneth Bell said in his latest quarterly update that he has recovered $ million and disbursed $ million, including $ million during the fourth quarter.

Labels: info on claim form Ken Bell Zeek Rewards, May 15 claims zeek rewards, May ZeekRewards update, zeek rewards Wednesday, Febru In Hopes of Claim Form. In recent orders, U.S. District Judge Graham Mullen dismissed the SEC’s allegations while also approving more than $, in third-quarter billings from Bell and his receivership team. Former ZeekRewards CEO Paul Burks was convicted today of running a massive Ponzi Scheme that at one point included over 1 million investors.

The decision concludes a 4 year long investigation and conviction process that began when the SEC filed a complaint against Burks in August A large number of people invested a lot of money and planned their whole businesses around the Zeek Reward platform. Just like all Ponzi schemes (remember Bernie Madoff) it was reliant on new members from the lower tiers to be the bread winners for the upper tiers and sure enough it was inevitable that a collapse would ensue.

The income from ZeekRewards was correctly taxed as income from business related work. * The direct cause of damage is missing. 2. Aiding and abetting fiduciary breach of duty is about that RVG enlisted Kaplan and other professionals to add credibility to the scheme, to reduce the skepticism among affiliates (new and existing ones). ZeekRewards Claims Process - Civil Suit.

On Aug, the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") filed a Complaint in United States District Court, Western District of North Carolina, Charlotte Division, against Rex Venture Group, LLC ("Rex Venture") d/b/a qbfv.school592.ru ("ZeekRewards"), and Paul R. Burks. Nearly $ million in qbfv.school592.ru assets have been recovered by the receiver handling the closed Lexington online company that is accused of operating a Ponzi scheme. A U.S.

district judge on Aug. 21 appointed Kenneth Bell as temporary receiver for Rex Venture Group LLC, the parent company of ZeekRewards. According to allegations contained in the indictment, from January through AugustPaul Burks was the owner of Rex Venture Group, LLC (RVG), through which he owned and operated Zeekler, a sham Internet-based penny auction company, and its purported advertising division, ZeekRewards (collectively “Zeek”).

ZeekRewards operated from January to Aug. 17, with global participation. At $ million and at least million customers, ZeekRewards was android is updating optimizing app 1 of 1 of. Related Posts: Zeek Receivership has clawed back % of net-winner payments - Mar 16th, ; Zeek Receivership to see out clawback litigation, then done - Aug 18th, ; Zeek Receivership to make one last partial distribution - Feb 13th, ; Zeek Receivership updates for first quarter - May 2nd, ; Another $ mill collected from Zeek Rewards net-winners - Feb 17th.

Update: qbfv.school592.ru, qbfv.school592.ru is Shutdown By SEC! Links & ads you may click on this blog pay the bills & keep this site free for you.

So let me know what your thoughts are about the latest turn of events for ZeekRewards or any other company like it that you think may be operating the same type of scam.

It would be great to hear from. ZeekRewards Investors. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filed a complaint in U.S. District Court for the Western District of North Carolina on Aug.

17,alleging that Rex Venture Group LLC d/b/a qbfv.school592.ru and its principal, Paul R. Burks, conducted a fraudulent Ponzi scheme that raised $ million from approximately one million investors. Disner lawsuit involves allegations that ZeekRewards was effectively a Ponzi scheme, and any payments made to “Net Winners” should be returned to the receivership estate. The Court has ordered that the “Net Winners” must return funds to the receivership estate under.

WINSTON-SALEM — The owner of qbfv.school592.ru, Paul Burks, received at least $ million from the defunct Lexington company that federal auth Latest News ZeekRewards receiver seeks repayment.

Related Posts: Zeek Rewards net-winner clawbacks to be sold to debt collectors - Dec 28th, ; Zeek Rewards insider and net-winner settlements update - Oct 4th, ; $ million awarded in Zeek Rewards net-winner judgments - Sep 21st, ; Zeek Rewards net-winner scammers’ Fourth Circuit appeal denied - May 18th, ; Zeek Receiver proposes plan for net-winner class clawbacks - Jan.

NOTE: For simplicity's sake, the "company" known as Zeekler, ZeekRewards, and Rex Venture Group will simply be referred to as "Zeek". Latest updates: NOV added info on the lawyer asking for $ to respond to the subpoena. Zeek Receivership updates for first quarter May, in regulation, Zeek Rewards On May 1st the Zeek Receiver filed his first quarter Status Report for The report covers settlements received, US and foreign net-winner clawback litigation, various insider lawsuits and the aggregate amount paid out to Zeek affiliates thus far.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — The receiver of defunct qbfv.school592.ru is requesting that at least four “net winners” be ordered to pay back the money they received from the Ponzi scheme, according. The receiver of defunct qbfv.school592.ru is requesting that at least four “net winners” be ordered to pay back the money they received from the Latest News Bank says ZeekRewards.

ZeekRewards is a companion to the penny auction site qbfv.school592.ru Visitors to the the ZeekRewards site were told that by paying subscription fees.

This message was originally sent on 09/08/12 under the Subject: "Important Zeek Update Sat Sept 8th" Robert Craddock, founder of Fun Club USA could not admit or deny the following information. [quote]Hey Zeek Samurai Kazoku, We. Related Posts: $2 million recovered from Zeek net-winners over first quarter - May 23rd, ; $ million recovered through Zeek Rewards clawbacks - Nov 16th, ; $ million recovered from Zeek Ponzi net-winners to date (%) - Sep 17th, Another $ mill collected from Zeek Rewards net-winners - Feb 17th, ; $ million awarded in Zeek Rewards net-winner judgments.

By Michael Lipkin. Law, New York (Aug, PM EDT) -- A lawyer for ZeekRewards, the company behind an $ million Ponzi scheme related to online penny auctions, fought back on. ZeekRewards Update: Banks Report Account Balances, Receiver Takes Fight For Cashier’s Checks To Court It has now been over one week since Ken Bell, the court-appointed receiver overseeing ZeekRewards (“Zeek”), held a press conference to brief various members of the media about his progress thus far and plans for the near future.

A judge has issued a federal warrant for a former official of the now defunct ZeekRewards after he did not appear in court earlier this month. ZeekRewards founder arraigned in $ million scam. ZeekRewards Breaks New Ground in Clawback Litigation. December 6, by Admin. December 6, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE “ZEEK REWARDS” PONZI SCHEME WILL BREAK NEW GROUND IN CLAWBACK LITIGATION.

Update on Meridian Clawback Claims.

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