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Download free talktalk router update hg533. Hi Stuart. Could you try resetting the router to factory default settings by pressing the recessed reset button with the tip of a pen (or similar) you will need to hold the button in for about 5 seconds with the router powered on - you will then need to reconfigure the router with your talktalk adsl username and password and your wireless settings. Dear Support, I have an HG router running vttb firmware.

Is it possible to upgrade/change to Vt or later. i.e from Business router to home? Also can you send/e mail me the firmware upgrade files so I can upgrade off line on several routers Again vt or later?

on a HG router. Hi, Is there a new firmware or a beta version available for the HG router. It is currently running t which has caused a very unreliable connection, and seems to have stoppped Sipgate from working for incomming calls. Alternatively, how can I roll it back to a previous version so that it wor. Hi i have been a customer for nearly 12 months when i joined i was supplied with the hg router and youview box (iwas previously a sky customer) but after using this router for weeksi found it nearly unusable as the speed dropped down and the wifi on it is non exisent when you try to connect with multiple devices(even after an engineer visit)so i reverted back to using my sky router.

I have the Huawei HG router, it's always been quite flaky with the wireless but bearable until now. Lately it's impossible to connect for more than 5 minutes, being lucky, without the connection dropping.

I have searched these forums and tried everything. I've specially followed the steps on th. TalkTalk Firmware Update. 5. Now if you find that your firmware / software version is old then download the TalkTalk router update tool from the download link which is provided at the end of the article. 6. Connect your TalkTalk router to PC with original LAN cable.

7. Now download and run the file. I received an email from TalkTalk today offering a free new router. The email contained the following: TalkTalk router upgrade. Sign In the hg is a good router, they are not worth much on ebay around £ 0. 30 August at PM. Hi I just wondered if anyone knew if there was any way of configuring talk talk's router 'Huawei HG' on my PN internet rather than using the plusnet supplied n?

I find the PN router not very good for gaming and would like to try and see if my talk talk one works any better? Talktalk Router upgrade. Clembert Posts: Yes, the TalkTalk router is crap on WiFi, if you google there's lot's of complaints about dropped packets with it. I replaced mine with a Netgear one, but a dearer one that Chris mentioned, the setup wizard even has an option for TalkTalk. Stick with TalkTalk's HG as a modem and plug that into a router for all the other stuff.

The trouble there is that it isn't always easy to set up that arrangement. And you need to be able to convert the HG into modem only or bridge mode. VPN /Streaming Setup the HUAWEI HG Home DottFlick DD-WRT Setup Help Cashman Shop for Talktalk Update Client ; HUAWEI address for your Huawei I hope that reviews DD-WRT, HUAWEI HGthrough HG (NAT on Huawei HG router.

Huawei internet traffic) and. Seems to be a normal thing with the routers TT supplies, A lot of people I know that have TT seems to have problems with the Wi-fi part. One of the reason my friend decided to change her router back to her old one.

Saying that, the rubbish that Plusnet send out is no better. Now BT HH4 is a different thing, the Wi-fi is good on that. I have ordered an upgrade from PN copper broadband to PN fibre.

I have a PN modem/router on its way, but I happen to already have a Talktalk Huawei HG combined copper/fibre unit. Will this work with PN please? I'm thinking to set the HG unit up as. HG from TalkTalk - firmware update improves speeds «on: J, PM» About a month ago I sucumbed to the TalkTalk Youview offer, and within a few days got the YouView box AND a new modem/router, the HG Hi all. I got given a tall talk route from a friend and I was wondering if I could connect it to my HH4 wirelessly and use it as a wireless extender?

The router is a Huawei HG If so could someone give me a step by step guide? Thanks. TalkTalk HG Super Router – Design and Features Given that the HG is available for free to all new contract TalkTalk customers, it’s no surprise to discover it’s a modest little unit.3/5. A video of the TalkTalk Huawei HG router as shipped October showing labels, lights, buttons and connectors. With decent performance and support for TalkTalk TV, the TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub is a decent ISP router and a vast improvement over the previous model.

Open your browser and type in (Talktalk router IP address) and load to the talktalk dashboard page Login to TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub with your device user name and password. You’ll find these on the sticker after you removing the wifi information card. Price and availability. The TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub sells for £ in the UK.

This is a fair bit cheaper than the extremely fast and feature-packed TP-Link Archer C v2, and cheaper than mesh Wi. I have tried to install TalkTalk wireless HUAWEI HG ROUTER. I have a lap top and Vista operating system. The lap top works fine only with the yellow cable connecting the router and the lap top. Some time during the last week or so, my TalkTalk supplied HG router had new firmware automatically installed, going from t to t. Last night I noticed that my S/N margin had dropped from it's usualy toalthough it was holding the line ok and there weren't too many errors.

TalkTalk’s Plus router is a single band n GHz model, which raises concerns it may struggle deliver Wi-Fi speeds that match the fastest connections – an issue the BT Home Hub 4. You would want a router with either an ethernet WAN port (sometimes gets advertised as being a "cable" router), or one with a built in VDSL modem (which would allow you to eliminate the BT/Openreach modem if you want). The Virgin router is useless here. It's not an FTTH thing either -.

No the HG is a different piece of kit that has no AC wifi. The certificate is for an unannounced HG that has just passed testing and is clearly marked for TALKTALK’s use under the “Super Router” branding. It’s possible the second source might have got the HG trial confused with the HG one though but the HG itself does exist. Wi-Fi is awful with this router, and it seems I'm not alone, from looking at the TalkTalk Community Forums. I've tried inSSIDer 4 to determine the best Wireless Channel. Still I can see my wireless signal fluctuating on my phone (I'm sat right next to my modem!) and my Linx tablet has disconnected from the internet, as it tends to do, every day.

I have two TalkTalk routers: a D-link DSL and a Huawei HG I think both of these models are only sold to Talk Talk. I'm going to use the DSL as the second wireless base station. The technical term for using it in this way is a 'Wireless Access Point'. TalkTalk router issues DSL / HG VPN disconnects Has anyone managed to maintain a VPN connection via this new TalkTalk router?

This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question (4) Subscribe. Re: HG router (TalkTalk) reboot bug «Reply #10 on: Janu, PM» Incidentally there has been another firmware update for this router over the last few weeks to t. Re: HG (from TalkTalk) telnet & bitloading «Reply #14 on:PM» Not % sure but that page looks like it may be from when the router was being trialled (TT Labs), so may not apply now.

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Free delivery for many products! TalkTalk HG Router Setup. Open your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) and type ‘’ into the address bar at the top of the browser. Press enter, and you should be presented with the following. Type the username of ‘admin’ and the password of ‘admin’ and then click Login. The author of the HG review made a point that better Wifi isn't just about speed but also about range.

So if you want to put your main router next to your phone master socket (wherever that might be) and your YouView box in a distant corner of your West Wing then this kind of technology might be worth investing in. TalkTalk accessories store If you have a query regarding your accessories order only please email us using [email protected] or use the telephone number within your order confirmation. If your enquiry relates to your broadband service and/or you require technical support then please call TalkTalk Broadband Wireless N ADSL2+ Router HUAWEI HG This is standard 4x LAN/Ethernet Port TalkTalk W-Fi router used in UK by broadband provider TalkTalk.

The Router is in fully functional. The Freecycle Network is a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns. It's all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. Huawei HG /HGa, D-Link / Open your Internet browser and type the IP address of the router in the address bar.

The default IP address is At the login, enter the username and password. The default username and password can be found on the removable settings card on the back of your router. Talktalk's super router is fast, and performance wise it is a very decent ac wireless router.

I like its simplicity, the minimalist look and the fact that it is truly a plug-and-play device. Talk Talk Huawei HG wireless router I do not payment required straight after purchase and no refunds will be given.

please if you have any questions, contact me. Hi. For sale I have a very nice talktalk huawei hg router You are much welcome to come and view it in Crawley, there is nothing to hide.

Re: Port forwarding for CCTV PVR on talktalk router help [ re: KINGMUZZAUK ] [ link to this post ] If your HG is anything like my HG, and the user interface is pretty much the same, you should be entering xxxxxxxx as the host and as the domain.

TalkTalk has performed a two generation jump with the Super Router, adding both ac and n 5GHz bands on top of n GHz seen in the misleadingly named ‘Plus Fibre router’ (it. Low cost ISP TalkTalk has completed the deployment of ASSIA’s CloudCheck software to their Wi-Fi Hub (Sagemcom [email protected] ) broadband router, which they claim can “proactively” improve the wireless performance of the device through “contextual analytics” and “machine-learning algorithms“.

The new router firmware essentially appears to take a similar approach to Virgin Media’s. Talktalk router update?/ Hi I have just updated my talktalk router and now I can't get wifi access just access using the cable they said my lap top was too old and not got the correct settings can anyone help please regards. This thread is locked.

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